SloterparkbadPresident Allendelaan 3, 1064 GW Amsterdam

Amsterdam King’s Day Tournament 2023

Registration is now closed.

When: 28th and 29th of April 2023

Where: Sloterparkbad, Amsterdam

For who: LGBTIQ+Straight players, beginners to experienced.


Amsterdam Waterproof invites you to its second Kingsday Tournament on the 28th and 29th of April 2023. The competition is open to all of our international fellow lgbt+ water polo teams, as well as to local Dutch teams.


Sport: The tournament includes competitive, recreative and newbie leagues – so no matter your level, you are welcome. Sloterparkbad has 2 pools we will play in, tribunes for the fans to watch the games, and a café area to rest and relax. 

A vegetarian lunch will be provided at the pool for all tournament participants on both days. Additional snacks and drinks are sold at the pool canteen (card payments only). 

More information will follow on the number and composition of the teams, schedules of the games, and other relevant rules. 


Socials: Amsterdam Waterproof will organise three social events during the tournament. Access to all is included in the registration. 

Friday 28th April – A BBQ will be organised at Hotel Buiten (walking distance from the pool) right after the games finish on Friday. 

  • Make sure to bring your bracelet provided at registration.
  • Includes 1 drink. 
  • Has vegetarian options.
  • Only accepts card payments (no cash).

Saturday 29th April at 21:00 – Medal ceremony and closing party will be organised at Club NYX, an iconic gay and queer venue in Amsterdam.

  • Please arrive between 21:00 and 21:20, the medal ceremony will start at 21:30. 
  • Make sure to bring your bracelet provided at registration. Without the bracelet, you will be required to pay the entrance fee. 
  • There is no dress code, come as you are! 
  • The venue is open to the general public as well. 
  • Entrance to the party includes 3 drinks (beer, wine or soft drink)

Sunday 30th April – We will close the weekend with a drink at Prik, a cosy queer café and bar. They will host a karaoke starting at 20:00. Join for one last drink before heading home!


Accommodation: We recommend booking hotels as early as possible, because these dates are popular with visitors. Consider hotels near the pool location (in Nieuw-West, Osdorp areas) for more affordable options. 


Hosted Housing: We are trying our best to secure the maximum number of beds. We have received many requests and cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all of them. We will follow a first come first serve principle. We also encourage you to use your own network to try and find accommodation options. And if you don’t need hosted housing anymore, let us know so someone else can use it!


King’s Day: If you arrive early you will have a chance to experience the celebrations of the King’s birthday. The evening of the 26th of April is King’s Night, and the 27th is King’s Day, when the city of Amsterdam and the rest of the country turns into a giant celebration. Wear something orange, put on your party hat and get ready to join the largest street parties in the country!


Tournament Schedule 

DAY 1 – Friday 28th April 

11:00 – All team captains to gather at the pool (Sloterparkbad) to receive registration packages for their team members and to discuss competition rules.

12:00 – 20:00 – Water polo games (detailed schedules will follow)

After the games – BBQ at Hotel Buiten.

DAY 2- Saturday 29th April

12:00 – 19:00 – Water polo games (detailed schedules will follow)

21:00 – Closing party at Club NYX begins

21:30  Medal ceremony at Club NYX.

DAY 3 (Optional) – Sunday 30th April

14:00 – late – Closing drinks at Prik

20:00 – Karaoke at Prik

Kings Day Tournament Important info!

Next week our Kingsday Tournament of Amsterdam Waterproof will start! We would like to give you some additional information about the Tournament.

  • Download the Tournify app or visit the following website. On the app you’ll find the program of the tournament.
  • Each team (captain) will receive an envelope containing: lunch tickets/tokens for both days, wristbands for the BBQ, and wristbands for the closing-party. We expect all the captains at the captains meeting at 11:00 on Friday the 28th.
  • You enter the pool through the club entrance, which you can find on your left hand side when facing the pool and is indicated by the Dutch wording above the entrance “VERENIGINGSINGANG”.
  • Changing before and after the matches can be done either in the upstairs dressing rooms 9 up to and including 13, or the downstairs changing facilities! The changing rooms reserved for the tournament will be indicated with a poster. Please ensure to bring your belongings with you to the pool-area as the dressing rooms and changing facilities are not supervised or locked.
  • A vegetarian lunch will be served in the canteen-area (signs will indicate where to go) as from 12:00h on both days. In exchange for your lunch ticket you will retrieve a lunch-bag;
  • Fruit, healthbars, coffee, tea and vitaminwater will be available as well. The tap-water is drinking water, so we will not provide bottled water.
  • Other drinks and snacks like crisps can be bought at the canteen as well. Unfortunately, you can only pay there with a card with a Maestro or V-pay logo. So: no credit card or cash.
  • The BBQ on Friday starts at 18:00h and will be at Hotel Buiten, which is just a five minute walk from the pool. Feel free to hop over once your team has finished their games for the day. Please make sure you wear the orange wristband!
  • The closing-party on Saturday evening at Club NYX starts from 21:00h. Please arrive in time: the award ceremony will start at 21:30h. Please make sure you wear your purple closing-party wristband! Without the wristband you will not receive the drinks and/or locker coins and will have to pay the entrance fee!
  • For the party on Saturday: you have to put your coat in a locker. To close the locker, you need to use a single-use coin which will be provided at the entrance. Please note that the locker-coins are usable once! Reopening the locker means you will have to acquire a new locker-coin (or €2 coin) at the entrance at your own expense.



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