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Training weekend in Nijmegen

March 8, 2024by Julien Vincelot
Group photo forest

30 members of Amsterdam Waterproof went away to Nijmegen for a weekend of training and fun.

The event was organised on the 24th and 25th of February. It started by an afternoon of special training at the Erica Terpstra swimming pool, followed by a mini-tournament. After that the team had a rest, before meeting up again for a fun quizz and dinner at the hotel, and a night out in Nijmegen’s city centre. The next day included a hike through the hills and forested areas of Berg-en-Dal up to the German border and back, and ended with lunch at a pancake restaurant.

The waterpolo training and mini-tournament on Saturday was designed by Waterproof’s trainers to help club members work on specific aspects that were identified as needing more attention in recent games. The serious training was balanced with fun group activities and games in the pool, and was followed by a mini tournament between 4 teams of 7 players each. The teams were formed to mix levels and enable all players to try new things and have fun.

More than just a good training, the weekend was a great moment for Waterproof members to learn to get to know each other better.



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